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hula beads

Introducing HULA Beads, a new concept in sensual pleasure that combine vibrations and rotations to be experienced within anywhere and anytime the feeling takes you.

Sure, it doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before, and that’s because it doesn’t feel like anything you’ve ever tried before. You see, HULA Beads are a new take on traditional pleasure beads that combine powerful vibrations with thrilling rotations when worn discreetly inside the vagina during solo enjoyment as well as foreplay.

When wearing HULA Beads, you can control and adjust the experience with a wireless remote complete with LELO’s innovative SenseMotion™ technology for a simple hands-free experience, or to let your partner get involved in the action – both in the bedroom, or on a special night out, when HULA Beads become a sensual secret shared only between you and someone special.

Order HULA Beads now
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