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The Best Oral Sex of Her Life: How To Get It!

Men make no bones about their love of oral sex, and we’re not talking about performing it; if you know a guy who has a penis, we’re willing to wager that there’s a 105% chance he loves being gone down on – give or take five per cent.

Pushing bones aside for a moment (literally), it should come as absolutely no surprise that women also love getting a bit of lip service – but there are often times when a lady finds that she’s not even on the menu!


What makes this troubling, and listen up here, fellas, is that there are a number of women who need oral sex to climax, or simply prefer it to other methods of achieving orgasm.

First things first: ladies, how do you guarantee to get him to go down on you?



Simple right? Often times, it is that easy to get what you’re after, so easy in fact that the answer was under your nose the whole time, but you simply didn’t realize it.

Many men (the best ones, actually) will find your assertiveness irresistible. Not only this, but because it’s something they can provide, and something they know you want, they will feel wanted in turn; and who doesn’t love that?

There are other, wordless ways of making your desires known however; next time he’s covering your boobs and belly with kisses, lift your pelvis up off the bed – or better yet, lay a hand on his shoulder and give him a gentle push in the direction you want him to go.

Perhaps you want to ask, but you’re experiencing some insecurity based on a number of pretty common factors, which we call:


Oral Obstacles

Oral Obstacle #1: The Bush Barrier

A huge number of guys find a well-kept pubic area a visual treat, and sometimes, knowing that he likes what he sees can provide a boost in confidence. Going for a full Brazilian, a tiny landing strip, or just a bit of a trim might make you feel more pube-presentable, and can also help guide him to you bits that need attention the most.


Oral Obstacle #2: That ‘Unfresh’ Feeling

When a long day at work leads to dinner, and then drinks and a bit of a dance, you’d understandably be a bit hesitant to have his face between your legs when you finally get under the sheets.

Now we’re not saying to use a douche or one of those scented sprays – far from it. Suggest sharing a shower with your partner – it’ll be a great bit of wet and wild foreplay which will leave you with that natural clean lady smell all over.

Now that you’ve gotten some fresh ideas (again, literally), let’s take a look at some more tips to take your oral experience to the next level.


Oral Enhancers

Oral Enhancer #1: The Pillow Platter

Here’s a small variation on the standard position for receiving oral sex that makes a huge difference.

When you’re on your back, knees up and spread shoulder width or slightly wider (essentially the missionary position of oral), put a pillow under your bottom so your pelvis is raised off the bed. This will perfectly present him with your clitoris, and will put you in the perfect position for G-spot stimulation with his fingers.


Oral Enhancer #2: Grab ’n’ Grind

There’s nothing worse than when a man switches his tongue technique right as you’re getting to where you need to be, so when you’ve reached your orgasmic plateau, feel free to send some nonverbal signals for him to stay the course.

Grab – don’t pull – a handful of his hair to give the firm signal to stay right where he is, or grind your hips a bit to get your clitoris in the perfect position to be pleased. He’ll get the hint to keep going, and will likely appreciate the hotness of this move.


Oral Enhancer #3: Tease with a Toy

Your vibrator is already amazing when you’re on your own, but what if you combine it with the sensations of a tongue on your clitoris? A vibrator designed for internal G-spot massage is an absolutely mind-blowing addition to an oral experience, providing dual stimulation of a kind you just can’t get on your own.