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LELO Launches First Pleasure Product Exclusively for Bankers
We’ve launched the first ever pleasure product for bankers. Yes, you read that right. And it’s not a joke: we figure they screw us so often that we may as well get some pleasure out of it.

pino text So, meet the latest addition to the precocious LELO family, PINO™, by far and away the most luxurious vibrating couple’s ring money can buy and presented in our most premium gift box ever. See? Told you it wasn’t a joke.

In The Box:PINO_Packaging_Federal-Blue

The perfect gift box for the powerful man who has everything and still wants more, inside you’ll find:


A pair of engraved silver cufflinks that hint subtly at your expertise at market penetration.

Money Clip

A chromed money clip bearing the mantra of many a successful trader: Always Be Closing.


The powerful, 10-function vibrating couple’s ring from our Insignia range, designed to add some liquid to your assets.


But… Why?

Wall Street can be a cut-throat place, and everybody wants a slice. We believe it’s in our interest to keep Wall Street smiling because, if the moneymen are happy, it’s usually good news for the rest of us.

But that’s not all. Bankers and traders are famous – or infamous, more accurately – for their insatiable excesses and recklessly hedonistic lifestyles. Sure, the movie portrayals are undoubtedly exaggerated, but there is a foundation of truth beneath the Gordon Gekkos and Wolves of Wall Streets we see in the cinemas. They are, after all, based on real people. LELO is in a unique position to stimulate that market.

Since a large section of sex toy early adopters tend to come from the financial sector, we are only too keen to service their demands and desires, as we do for so many other core sections of our most loyal customers. Bankers, though, have sex differently from most of us. For most of us, sex is an appetite. In the male-dominated, testosterone-drenched world of banking, it’s an obsession. We need to make sure they’re doing it right. PINO™ is kind of an outside consultant in that respect: it’s not cheap, it’s very flashy, and by the time you need it, it might already be too late.

And it gave us the opportunity to come up with loads of banking puns. Deposit. Hostile takeover. Double dip. Sperm bank.





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