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MIA: Twice the Power


MIA’s petite and discrete form now conceals twice the power and double the intensity, all this for the same price and she still recharges quietly in your USB port. We listened to what our LELO customers wanted from MIA and due to demand, we gave her a new motor which offers double the power of the previous MIA designs, while retaining the USB charging and whisper-quiet vibrations that make MIA so popular.


LELO is currently undergoing a rapid development and expansion period, and the launch of the newly improved MIA vibe is testimony to the company’s commitment to not only introduce innovative products to the marketplace, but also retroactively seek to make improvements to existing intimate lifestyle objects. Through customer feedback and extensive product research, LELO has been able to increase the power of their MIA motors two fold by implementing a more sophisticated assembly process. Furthermore, the company has been able to verify this through the use of their state of the art laser testing equipment, a verification process not yet seen in the industry.

Despite the vibe's new powerful motors, however, MIA has not lost any of her original charm. Made from FDA-approved, phthalate free silicone ABS, MIA has 4 stimulation modes. These, in turn are controlled by MIA’s 2-button interface that can also be used to lock the vibe, making MIA the perfect handbag accessory. The ideal travel companion, the lightweight vibrator is easily recharged via a USB connection and will appeal to individuals new to vibrators, those who revel in responding to an impulse, and those looking to enhance their MIA experience.




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