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Love Seat: 4 Positions for Amazing Sex on the Sofa

Sex on the sofa may remind you of sneaky trysts from your younger years, but don’t discount doing the dirty on your divan, as the restricted space leaves room for a lot of fun adaptations of your favorite sex positions. Check out our couch kama sutra below!

Kamasutra Postura Sexual 4


A Kinkier Cuddle

Perfect for nights when you’ve already worked your way through all the good shows on Netflix, this position starts with an innocent spooning position but offers plenty of opportunity for teasing touches. The ‘Big Spoon’ can run their hands along their partner’s front and use their lips for light kisses and nibbles along their neck until the ‘Small Spoon’ can no longer take the tension and grinds up against them. Perfect for vaginal or anal sex, the key to this sex position is moving to a slower rhythm.

Kamasutra Postura Sexual 2

The Lazy Dog

This is an extremely simple (and very sexy) position. Arch your back and stretch yourself out slowly; as if you’re yawning, stretch your arms up and back. If the couch is quite narrow, it’s best for the receiving partner to keep just one knee on the cushions, and the outer leg can find support on the floor, while the thrusting partner enters you with a smooth rolling motion.

Kamasutra Postura sexual 1

Song and Dance

The couch may not be the place for acrobatics, but that doesn’t mean sex has to be boring. Ideal for partners who have a large penis, the depth of penetration is determined by your movements. And these are not just up and down; you can make small circles with your hips or alternating directions of wide ones. Add a vibrating couples’ ring to amp up the sensation for you and to help your partner last the whole performance.

Kamasutra Postura Sexual 3


The Lily

Only for those who love the wonderful combination of simultaneous powerful clitoral massage coupled with penetration (and who doesn’t?) this position is simply delicious. Place your legs on your partner’s shoulders while they kneel, and use LILY™ 2 for external stimulation of yourself, or even of your partner’s erogenous zones!