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A Shopping Guide for Your Friend’s First Vibrator

A Shopping Guide for Your Friend’s First Vibrator“My friend has never owned a vibrator and I want to get them one as a gift. What are your recommendations?” This one of my favorite questions I ...


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A Touch of Magic: 5 Ways to Use Your SMART WAND™

A-Touch-of-Magic-5-Ways-to-Use-Your-SMART-WANDThe wand–style massager has a long and storied history among pleasure-seekers, with one of the most iconic and recognizable silhouettes when it comes to the modern sex toy.....


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Head To Head: NEA™ 2 Vs SIRI™ 2 Product Comparison

nea-vs-siriThey say that good things come in small packages. We say that good things come in LELO packaging, and that’s absolutely true of two of our best-selling products, ...


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More than Surface Deep – The Science Behind the HEX™ Structure

hex leloWhat is a condom? For years, it’s been a single smooth dollop of latex poured onto a mold, then rolled off when it’s cool. It’s been that way ...


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An Illustrated Guide to the Top 5 Handcuffed Sex Positions

Get Tied DownHandcuffs, be they silken and luxurious or plastic and fuzzy, are many people’s first introduction to bondage play. Whether you’ve since become more advanced, or are just looking ...

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Mistakes We All Make in Bed (And How to Avoid Them)

Mistakes We All Make in BedIf you’re expecting to find particular a blow job technique or sex positions in this article, we’re sorry; all of those small details are completely based on personal ...


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Terms of Entanglement: A BDSM & Kink Glossary

A BDSM & Kink GlossaryThe world of kink can be a little intimidating to curious beginners, even before you get inundated with all sorts of new terms, slang and acronyms. Below, we’ve ...


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Our Best Rabbits Vibes and Love Eggs

rabbit and egg vibes Spring is in the air, and we’d like to add some spring to your step with LELO’s best rabbit-style vibrators and vibrating eggs. Don’t see the connection? You ...


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The 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom on Your Partner

The 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom on Your PartnerCondoms are sometimes looked at as an inconvenient necessity rather than a sensual part of your sex life ― but is that fair? There are plenty of reasons ...


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How to Choose Between LOKI, LOKI Wave & BILLY Prostate Massagers

How to Choose Between LOKI™, LOKI™ Wave & BILLY™ Prostate Massagers

 If you’re one of the many people curious about incorporating prostate massage into masturbation or coupled sex, you might be having trouble deciding which prostate massager is perfect ...

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