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How Do SONA & Cruise Control Actually Work?

Our newest pleasure products, SONA, is certainly causing waves – and it’s easy to see why! SONA doesn’t look much like your standard clitoral vibe, and it doesn’t act like it either! Rather, it stimulates 75% more of the clitoris (including the part of its structure you can’t see) – but how does it actually do that?

Firstly, let’s get into the differences between a traditional clitoral vibrator and SONA – this video does a pretty great job! 

So How Does SONA Actually FEEL?

Rather than a buzzing or rumbling vibration on your clitoris, it almost feels like there’s a ‘tapping’ sensation being exerted. This comes from the inner smaller flat plate with the ‘mouth’ of SONA that moves back and forth without actually touching you. This sensation is able to bring you to intense, sudden climax – but also manages to resonate deep within the clitoral structure that you can’t see!

What’s Cruise Control?

If you find yourself pressing your favorite external vibe against your body with a lot of pressure as you approach climax, you’re not alone. And yet, this pressure can often cause interference with the moving parts of many sex toys, causing it to slow down. With the unique Cruise Control technology, we were able to tackle this problem in the upgraded SONA Cruise.

Essentially, Cruise Control is a feature that holds back 20% of SONA’s full power during normal use, so that when SONA is pressed hard against the body and the motor begins to drop power, that extra 20% is unleashed so that there’s no reduction of intensity – kind of like ‘overdrive’ in older cars, or an afterburner on a jet.

What Else Do I Need to Know About SONA & SONA Cruise?

You can check out more info about both products on their product page.




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