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Which Clitoral Vibe is Queen? We Compare MIA 2, SIRI 2 & SONA

LELO Product Comparisons - Clitoral Vibes

Clitoral vibes are some of the most popular sex toys available – and for good reason! The clitoris is a pleasure pro, and the majority of those who have them reach orgasm primarily from external rather than internal stimulation.

We’ve rounded up 3 of our most popular clitoral massagers for a head to head (to head) comparison, so you can choose the LELO that’s perfect for you!

MIA 2 Pink


Can You Keep a Secret?

Style:Lipstick Vibe


Usage Time:Up to 1.5 hours



MIA 2 is a classic LELO design, but to see it, you’d be forgiven for assuming it belonged in your makeup bag rather than your sex toy drawer. Yet, therein lies the biggest appeal  of MIA 2 – discretion. It looks perfectly at home in your purse and is quiet enough to not arouse suspicion if used in public to arouse you. When charging in your computer, it even just resembles a USB-stick!


While some people go for the tiny but mighty focused vibrations of MIA 2, it only offers pinpoint stimulation, so if you like something broader, this vibe may not be for you. As well, MIA 2 has an ABS plastic body, which is quite different if you prefer the smooth, yet slightly draggy surface of silicone.

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Sound-Responsive And Powerfully Resonant

Style: Handheld Massager

Modes: 8

Usage Time:Up to 2 hours



SIRI 2 is probably one of our most powerful palm-sized massagers – just turn on its sound-responsive mode and watch it jump across a table! This feature, which lets SIRI 2 respond to ambient noises like sexy music or even your voice – is certainly a selling point for those who want something more interesting than traditional vibration patterns.


Just as MIA 2 offers focused vibrators, SIRI 2 has a broader edge that vibrations are distributed through, which makes it perfect for those who like to feel vibrations all over their clitoral hood and vulva, but for others, less so.

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SONA Cerise


Clitorally Mindblowing

Style:Sonic Massager

Modes: 8

Usage Time:Up to 1 Hour



SONA is truly a unique experience because it doesn’t use traditional vibrations or suction to stimulate the clitoris. It uses sonic waves that penetrate deep within the clitoral structure – including the 75% you can’t see for a truly intense orgasm experience. SONA Cruise even comes with a handy Cruise Control feature, meaning that if you like to press toys against your body, it will use a reserve of power to make sure you don’t experience a drop in intensity!


If you’re used to masturbating with a specific movement (ie, using your hand or a massager to make circles on your clitoris, etc) and can’t reach orgasm without this movement, it’s possible SONA may not be for you. It’s very much a ‘hold and let it bring you to orgasm’ sex toy, though if you’re still exploring new ways to bring yourself to orgasm, SONA may  be just the thing to shake up your routine!

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