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LUNA Beads™ Noir – Available Now


noirEver wonder how you could combine foreplay and lovemaking with an easy and effective workout routine? No? Well then now that we’ve planted that idea in your head, let’s just say that it’s now possible, and we’ve got just the thing for it.

LUNA Beads™ Noir; they’re the pleasure oriented version of our bestselling pelvic floor exercisers, now in a stylish black, for accentuating foreplay when worn as your own tantalizing secret, or the subject of knowing winks when your partner is also in the know.

Discreetly wearing them will cause pleasurable vibrations as you move around, which will not only feel incredible, but will result in an effective workout for your pelvic floor, or Kegels, as they’re more commonly known.

Having healthy Kegel muscles not only benefits women in regards to childbirth, menopause and continence throughout, but get this; toned Kegels and regular pelvic exercise will also enhance the sensations of lovemaking, and make orgasms not only easier to attain, but more intense as well.

Okay, so let’s recap here:

Fun and racy foreplay

Effective Kegel exercise


And when you pair that last point with all the health benefits that having regular orgasms can offer, we’ll assume that your only question now is ‘where do I get my hands on them?’ We’ve got the answer right here.




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