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LELO Reveals: Secrets to Our World-Famous Smooth Silicone

No matter what the Pleasure Object in question is, there is one major compliment that LELO receives time and time again. Customers and professional product reviewers alike just can’t get enough of that signature LELO texture – the ultimate feeling of luxury that our silky smooth silicone gives them.

So just how do we achieve this distinctive look and feel?
LELO Reveals: Secrets to Our World-Famous Smooth Silicone
It all starts with quality – uncompromisingly high standards of quality. LELO only uses silicone that is FDA-approved, body-safe, and phthalate-free. And keeping in line with our company values, we do not allow animal testing or cheaper silicone blends. This means that we only source 100% silicone that has received food-grade certification.

While some companies may boast utilization of medical-grade silicone, LELO has chosen to forgo medical-grade certification because we refuse to participate in the animal testing that is required as part of the process. Food-grade silicone is perfectly safe for internal use, but unlike medical-grade silicone, is not meant to be placed within the body more permanently (as with breast implants).

After this sourcing stage, LELO brings the same stringent standards of quality and safety to the production process. To achieve that super-smooth, anti-dust and anti-fluff finish, LELO puts all silicone products through a special high-grade silicone coating called Silicone Soft Touch, which is also FDA-certified as 100% body safe.

And, psst – one last secret: LELO applies not one, but two coats of Silicone Soft Touch for that ultra-luxe look and feel, and it’s initiatives like these that keep us so far ahead of the curve in this industry.