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 We’re Made of: The Importance of Quality Materials

Not many consumer products come into such intimate contact with people as LELO Pleasure Objects do. Fully aware of this, we take every step to ensure that you can enjoy pleasure without a second thought.

Since entering the market in 2003, we’re proud to have redefined the quality standards for the industry as a whole. It’s a trend that many companies are only now realizing contributes to the longevity and credibility of their name. That’s also why we’re among the only companies to have moved our manufacturing fully in-house, a real stand-out guarantee of quality here at LELO.
Safety claims are common in this industry and tens of thousands of customers take us at our word; we’re appreciative of this, no doubt, but what exactly does it mean? What does being ‘body-safe’ entail? The last thing that we’d like is for such an important aspect of what we do be in any way vague, so let’s look closer at the meaning, and what it means for you:
lelo-silicone-safety-article-newsroomSilicone: Without doubt, this is the most desirable material for use on intimate items not just because it’s soft, but its non-porous surface makes it easy to clean effectively and prevents it from harboring dust, lint and surface bacteria. LELO is unique in that we add an additional coating to the surface to make it the smoothest in the industry.


FDA-Approved: The silicone used to make our Pleasure Objects has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration as being safe for its intended use with no adverse effects to health.
Phthalate-free: Cheap sex toys are often shown to contain phthalates - industrial compounds primarily used for softening plastics, among many other applications. Direct and prolonged exposure can have negative effects on reproductive processes as well as numerous other health-related issues, which is precisely why we make sure they’re not contained in our Pleasure Objects.
Independently-tested: We pass samples of every new stock of silicone to SGS Consumer Testing, the globally-recognized leader in product testing and verification, to check for presence of phthalates and other toxicological checks. When it gets the all-clear, it then goes into the production cycle.
These are just a few of the quality assurances that we observe, and the reasons we follow them very strictly range from the sensible (customers value a brand whose products they can trust) to the sincere (we are parents, wives and husbands after all). In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting more articles about product safety and quality measures at LELO, keeping you informed about the care that goes into every one of our Pleasure Objects.