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Tiani™ 2 Stars in a FREE New E-Book

We’re no strangers to fan mail, but ever since releasing Tiani™ 2, the amount of “thank you” letters we’ve received has increased markedly.

The incredible response first encouraged us to create an illustrated how-to guide for enjoying Tiani™ 2, demonstrating the most pleasurable ways that couples worldwide are using the Red Dot Award-winning remote controlled couples’ massager.


Our newsroom article proved still not enough for our most frenzied fans, so we had to take our efforts one step further, so without further ado…

We present to you our very first E-book: You Two & Tiani™ 2, a book of diagrams, tips and testimonials for using the world’s bestselling couples’ massager—for customers, by customers.


                                     You Two & Tiani™ 2