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Some Tips on How to Care for and Clean Sex Toys

Given the number of emails we receive regarding how to care for and clean sex toys, we thought we’d post a few tips that will keep your Pleasure Objects hygienic and healthy for safe enjoyment.


Remember to clean sex toys after each use with warm water and a gentle antibacterial soap (or cleaning spray), rinsing thoroughly. Just try to avoid getting the interface and charger socket overly wet when doing so.


Pleasure Objects are known for the smoothness of the silicone. To maintain this, avoid cleaners containing alcohol, petrol or acetone, as well as silicone-based lubricants (water-based is the way to go with LELO, and we now offer a lubricant of our own.


When drying your LELO, use a lint-free cloth or towel or just leave it to dry naturally to avoid getting any small fibers on the outer surface.


Avoid storing your LELO in direct sunlight – find a dust-free place instead and keep it away from toys of similar materials. Or you could follow the lead of a majority of LELO customers by keeping it in the original packaging.

By following the directions above, you should be set to enjoy your LELO for many years to come.




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