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6 Surefire Ways to Get in the Mood

Recapture the feeling of the first days of your relationship; remember that bygone time when you could spend an entire day in bed together? There are plenty of ways to get back there, and following some of our handy advice will have you both back in the mood for makin’ love.

                                          6 Surefire Ways to Get in the Mood

Hit the Gym
Simply put, when you feel good about your body image just good about yourself in general, you’ll be more likely in the mood for some sexual aerobics.

Your post-exercise surge in energy, and all the feel-good endorphins in your system will make sex a more attractive option when you’re winding down from that spin class or a trot on the treadmill.

Pro tip;
head to the gym with your partner – seeing their body go through a workout is sure to get your worked up, and there will be less clothes for the eventual undressing to follow.

Get Comfortable
Look to your immediate surroundings, as they play a big part in how much you’re in the mood. One important thing to pay attention to is the thermostat, because according to research out of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, something as simple as cold feet can come between a woman and her orgasm.

“At the beginning of the trial, only 50% of our female subjects were able to reach orgasm,” said study author Gert Holstege, M.D., PhD, “we learned that they were uncomfortable because they had cold feet. We gave them socks, and 80% reached orgasm.

Do Some Housework
Crossing off the niggling little tasks on your to-do list is actually quite satisfying, and that clearer mind state it creates will make you more open to enjoying sex. According to sex therapist Ian Kerner, PhD “In order for women to relax into arousal and experience orgasm, the parts of the brain that associate with outside stressors must deactivate during sex,”

So do yourself a favor and make use of your elbow grease – you’ll thank us later!

Relax Together
Whatever you do to relax and set your mind at ease, do it together with your partner. If time permits, take a warm bath together or go out for a walk after a meal. The more relaxed and de-stressed you are as a couple will make it easier for you to get in the mood for making love.

Take 10 Minutes
Those having trouble with getting in the mood are people who want sex, but are perhaps not giving themselves a chance to.
Dr. Kerner states that ‘Even if you’re not in the mood, give yourself 10 minutes to give sex a shot.’ This will give your body a chance to catch up and desire what your mind wants so badly.

Get Close
(for at least 30 seconds)
Studies show that holding your partner close for 30 seconds or more triggers the release of oxytocin, the hormone that emboldens trust and sexual desire between intimately familiar people. And while you’re both close, take a few deep breaths, as Dr. Kerner reminds us that “If you like your guy’s scent – and most women do, for biological reasons – it will usually function as an aphrodisiac.”

Getting intimate with the one closest to you does wonders for your mental space, and the facts are in that sex is great for your health – but what’s even better than all this? It feels good!




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